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About us Objectives

The Society’s objectives are the study and discussion of problems of family law. To this end, the Society sponsors and promotes:

  • International co-operation in research on family law subjects of world-wide interest.
  • Periodic international conferences on family law subjects of world-wide interest.
  • Collection and dissemination of information in the field of family law by the publication of a survey concerning developments in family law throughout the world, and by publication of relevant materials in family law, including papers presented at conferences of the Society.
  • Co-operation with other international, regional or national associations having the same or similar objectives.
  • Interdisciplinary contact and research.
  • The advancement of legal education in family law by all practical means including furtherance of exchanges of teachers, students, judges and practising lawyers.
  • Other objectives in furtherance of or connected with the above objectives.
Former President Bea Verschraegen, University of Vienna