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Membership Types of Membership 

The main categories of membership (the benefits of which are explained here) are: 

Full Membership: This is open to any academic lawyer, legal scholar or legal professional, and academics or professionals working in related areas.  

Associate Membership: This provides a form of membership with lower membership dues and a narrower range of benefits. 

Student Membership: This is open to interested graduate students of family law and related disciplines, at a cost of 10 euros per year for up to four years (total). Fill in the online application for associate membership providing your details and then email the Treasurer ( indicating your university, the degree and the name of your supervisor. Please also ask you supervisor to write to confirm your candidature.  

Institutional Membership: This is available to interested organisations at the discretion of, and on terms approved by, the Council.  Please further information please contact the Secretary-General  (  

Honorary membership: This may be offered to distinguished persons by decision of the Executive Council.

The Council may defer or decline any application for membership.